Regardless of what line of work you’re in, the way we dress says a lot of the kind of woman you are. So we put together a list of power style tips that’ll empower you and your fashion sense.

1. Less is more

Take it from the Queen of Posh (who else but Victoria Beckham) herself, minimalism is always in style. Get into the monochrome trend or go for a single-colored jumpsuit and accessorize simply.

2. Invest in the basics

A basic white tee is a must for every woman’s wardrobe. Wear it with a classic pencil skirt, blazer, and statement neckpiece and you’ll still ooze power while staying oh so comfy.

3. Grooming on Point

Our girl Alicia Keys looks gorgeous without makeup and you can too! Just make sure to prioritize skin care and good grooming by always putting moisturizer with sunblock, keeping your eyebrows groomed, and always washing your face before bed.

4. Red Lip

According to this survey posted on the NYPost, 91.2% of professionals think that a red lip is totally work friendly. Not only that, but that it makes the wearer look confident. So pucker up, red ladies!

5. Signature Scent

You’re not a full-grown woman unless you have a signature scent that you absolutely love. If you haven’t found one yet, it’s high time that you should! Spritz it on the inside of your wrists and check if you still like how it smells on you after an hour.

6. Heels

It’s not a surprise that wearing heels can give any woman an added boost of confidence. Wear it to a client call or presentation and you’ll instantly feel as sharp as your heels. Toe cleavage optional.

7. Dainty Flats

But we can’t wear heels all the time. Especially if you’re going to do some field work and or will basically will be out and about the entire office. Opt for a pair of flats that’s both functional and stylish.

8. Power Stance

According to this research, power posing does a lot to help boost our confidence. So whatever the situation, try power posing to assert yourself. Or simply do a power pose for at least 2 minutes every day to up your confidence level.

9. Shift dress

Printed shift dresses are comfortable and stylish. Just throw on a blazer for a presentation at work or wear strappy heels for a night out with the girls.

10. LBD

You also can’t go wrong with a classic LBD. Find one in a classic cut that can go from day to night.

11. Button Down

Ditch your girly blouses for a chic button-down in neutral shades. You’ll be surprised at how versatile it is.

12. Collared Shirts

Friday casual day? Look on point and powerful with classic collared tees. It’s comfortable and polished at the same time.

13. Power Blow-out

Nothing like a blow-out to look extra polished in the workplace. Look like a woman with a mission with a power blow to add some oomph to your corporate look.

14. Midi-Skirt

Half-way within partying with your girls and going to church, the midi-length skirt is both conservative a.k.a. work appropriate but chic. Whether you’re going for a pencil-cut or a-line, make sure you wear the correct underwear i.e. seamless!

15. Embellished Basic Tops

Up your casual style with these accented basic tops. Accessorizing optional!

16. Watch it

Watches are no longer just a functional piece, it’s a style statement as well. Get one that’s versatile enough for everyday but chic enough to go with your power style. If all else fails, a black or brown leather piece will do the drink.

17. Specs

If you’re lucky enough to have perfect vision, then maybe you can skip this item. But for us regular folks, your specs can ooze some power too. Pick one that’s the right shape and size for your face and don’t skip the mascara!

18. Flawless skin

Whether or not you’re blessed with flawless skin, a good skincare regimen is still a must. Moisturize, use primer, bb cream or foundation, and set with powder for work and don’t forget to wash it off after office.

19. Accessorize Wisely

The office is no place for all your bangles and rings. Choose the most sensible of your jewelry and stick with it for the workplace. A watch, a single bangle, stud earrings and/or a necklace should do it.

20. White teeth

Your pearly whites should be part of your grooming regimen. Have a session with your dentist twice a year and make sure your smile is on point.

21. Sleek Ponytail

If you don’t have time to have a blow-out, put your hair up in a sleek ponytail. It’s a much better look for work than leaving your hair down.

22. Structured Bag

You don’t have to break the bank and go the designer route. A locally-made leather structured bag is just as functional and half (or even much less) the price. Choose one in either black or brown or nude for more versatility.

23. White Pants

You’d be surprised at how versatile white pants are, especially in the summer.

24. Polished digits

Skip the reds and bright neon hues and go for a nude pink or beige, or better yet—a classic French tip.

25. Smize

You know what they say, you’re never truly dressed without a smile. But in this case, a smize is for fitting for a little mystery and authority-take it from Tyra Banks herself.