"We made our own brand of Filipino interior design.”

"We made our own brand of Filipino interior design.”

Ivy & Cynthia Almario

Atelier Almario

Ivy & Cynthia Almario, wearing bayo

There is practically nothing morethat Ivy and Cynthia Almario can hope for in their careers. Having worked in the US for more than a decade and coming home to put their mark on Filipino interior design, the two have a surplus of design cred under their bespoke designer belts.

But for them, there’s no place like home.

“I wanted my children to grow up with cousins. And we felt it was time to give back. It’s kind of like brain gain instead of a brain drain because a lot of people go overseas to work. Us naman we decided to come home to share our knowledge and start doing business here.” Ivy, who is Design Director of Atelier Almario, shared.

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While coming back home did have its challenges, the duo made it work and, in a way, upgraded the skills around them by sharing what they know. Generous with their time and talent, they became household names in Philippine Interior design and have worked with big names in the country.

“We’re so happy nga that our clients become friends. We start of doing the house of the parents and then the daughter grows up, marries and we start doing the house of the daughter. And it’s not just one, it’s a continuous process.” Design Director of Atelier Almario, Cynthia confessed.

But more than creating relationships, they admit that the best thing about working in the Philippines was getting to work with a lot of our country’s artisans.

“In the Philippines, it’s very affordable to customize. Everything in America that’s not available on catalog will cost you a crazy amount of money. But here everything is practically custom.” Ivy exclaimed.

“And here, everything becomes bespoke because of the high-quality of artisans in the country.” Cynthia added.

Building a business from making beautiful homes for their clients, Ivy and Cynthia, also want to make lives beautiful for others.

Ivy admits, “We've been very lucky in our careers, to have been privileged to design beautiful environments for so many people in different and varied settings. Cynthia and I now want to expand our design reach, to use our talents, to design beautiful lives, through community development projects, through Agrea, Asam and Gkonomiks.”

This only goes to show that even with numerous of accolades, Ivy and Cynthia’s hearts are in the right place. Having worked in the US and then coming back to the Philippines to share what they know, they are giving back the best way they know how—and creating opportunities made in the Philippines at the same time.

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