"We made Tesoro’s the repository of our great heritage.”

"We made Tesoro’s the repository of our great heritage.”

Maria Isabel Tesoro

Tesoro’s Philippine Handicrafts

Maria Isabel Tesoro , wearing bayo

Tesoro’s has been known to be the go-to for quality Philippine-made products for foreigners and locals alike. But helmed by Maria Isabel “Beng” Tesoro, it’s become not only the best place for pasalubong but also a repository of our heritage and home of Filipino artisans and entrepreneurs.

“Tesoro’s was founded by my parents on the ashes of World War II. We’ve been around for over 70 years and through those decades, we have stuck to our values, which is upholding what is the best in the Filipino.”

With 10 specialty boutiques around the country, Tesoro’s carries a core collection of traditional Filipino arts and collaborations and collections with designers and manufacturers like Monchet Olives, Patis Pamintuan-Tesoro, and Anya Lim. With these collabs, Tesoro’s remains relevant with fresh and sometimes, even provocative items.

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“You have to listen to your customer. Be where your customer wants, carry what they need, and reach out to fulfill the services they require.”

But more than just a business, Tesoro’s captures our nation’s soul. With the best of what the Filipino can create in terms of indigenous craft, cottage industries, and even novel items, Tesoro’s is like our beloved lola’s home that’s full of mementos, tradition, and stories to tell.

“Tesoro’s is the place where you feel you’re home. When you come to Tesoro’s unlike other places, you see what is the best of the Filipinos can make, you know everything is authentic, and there’s a promise of the highest quality possible made by Filipinos. Prices are fair and above all, everybody is treated like family.”

With a goal to sustain our traditional arts and enrich it by collaborating for new designs and new ideas, Beng has made her family’s business more than just the best place for pasalubong but also a cradle of Filipino creativity and ingenuity. Offering the best in quality and authenticity in the most reasonable price, Beng Tesoro is a proud advocate of all things made in the Philippines.

Watch out for the rest of these stories and join Bayo as we celebrate 25 years of culture, fashion and all things “Made in the Philippines.”

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