“I made artisanal craft spirits from the best Philippine produce.”

“I made artisanal craft spirits from the best Philippine produce.”

Olivia LIMPE - AW


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Olivia Limpe-Aw is fifth generation master blender and distiller of the 165-year old Destileria Limtauco. As the first woman to lead the company, she reinvented the brand and introduced artisanal craft spirits made from the best Philippine produce.

The idea came to her during the many state visits she would join then President Ramos to promote Philippine products. Many statesmen would ask her about what the Philippines had that’s uniquely Filipino.

When she couldn’t think of any, she came home and decided to make one herself. It was opportune since the company needed to reinvent itself. And with Olivia’s feminine touch, she turned a new leaf for the company and created a line of craft spirits.

“We started with our Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur in 2002 and since then, we’ve added more products to the range and we’ve created this whole line of Philippine craft spirits.”

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With her first offering, Olivia put together two of what the country is known for—mangoes and sugarcane (rum being sugarcane-based). In 2010, she added to the line with the encouragement of former Secretary of Agriculture Arthur Yap. Capitalizing on the coffee boom (and being a coffee lover herself), Olivia created Amadeo Coffee Liqueur from barako beans from the coffee capital of the Philippines.

But she doesn’t just make products; she makes sure that the people buying her liquors knows the story of the product and the people who produce it.

“We want the buyers, not just the Filipino buyers but also the mainstream buyers abroad to understand what the Filipino is. And for us, we start with the packaging. It’s important that every element you put there tells a story.”

Because of this, Olivia’s packaging features a lot of Philippine iconography—from the Mindanao Vinta to the Barong Tagalog.

“It helps tell the story of the product and the country and the people who produce it.” Olivia shares.

A proud Filipino to her core, Olivia takes pride in Destileria Limtauco’s products—those from her great great grand uncle, to her grandfather, to her father, to her own.

“I think it’s important that we, as manufacturers, are proud of the Philippine made products that we produce. And we spread that passion and pride in our products to the market.”

Driven by creativity, passion, and pride for our country’s products, Olivia is enriching Philippine manufacturing and sharing her love for everything made in the Philippines.

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