“We made HOPE a hybrid business that puts together the discipline of the ‘for-profit’ sector with the heart of the ‘non-profit’ sector.”

“We made HOPE a hybrid business that puts together the discipline of the ‘for-profit’ sector with the heart of the ‘non-profit’ sector.”



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Nanette Medved-Po has made a name for herself as a philanthropist. As Founder of HOPE, her idea is simple—to supply bottled water. But with 100% of HOPE profit going to building classrooms, it has great impact.

“The idea was to create a hybrid business that brings the discipline of the ‘for profit’ sector and the heart of non-profit.” Nanette shared. “It’s super simple, we’re just a bottled water supplier. But 100% of our profit goes to a social good.”

Through HOPE, she hopes to help close the classroom gap in the country. At the same time, inspire a movement where consumers can help in nation-building through their purchases and in the process, encourage companies to create business decisions based on more just creating a profit.

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“Whenever somebody makes a HOPE purchase, that’s one person deciding that they’re going to build a classroom. I think consumers should not underestimate that power because business and industry listen. And if they say that it’s important to them by purchasing products that are responsible, the marketplace will respond.”

But beyond making HOPE a responsible bottled water supplier, Nanette and her team are conscious of the environmental implications of working with plastic as well. Because of this, they have partnered with Green Antz, an eco-friendly provider of building solutions.

“We work with Green Antz and what they do is they recycle plastic bottles, not just HOPE bottles, but all plastic bottles. They grind them up and they make them into eco-bricks which we use to build our classrooms.”

Made in the Philippines and proud, HOPE has built 37 classrooms and are expecting to build 20 more by the end of the year. In doing so, Nanette and her team at HOPE are helping raise a new generation of Filipinos who have found HOPE in a bottle.

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