“I made it my mission to help and protect voiceless animals.”

“I made it my mission to help and protect voiceless animals.”



NANCY CU UNJIENG , wearing bayo

As President of Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), Nancy Cu Unjieng has always advocated animal population control through spay and neuter. Providing these services at a low cost, CARA does just that. Unlike a shelter, CARA is focused on population control and finding loving homes for abandoned and abused animals.

“CARA started in 2000 by like-minded people involved in animal welfare. We saw the abuse and cruelty towards street cats and dogs and we wanted to help the situation.”

The group discovered that the best way to help is to spay and neuter these street animals. In 2007, they opened their first CARA clinic in Makati which offers spay and neutering at low cost fees.

NANCY CU UNJIENG  Bayo clothing

But in 2012, CARA’s advocacy expanded when CIDG raided a Korean dogfighting syndicate in Laguna and CARA found itself responsible for over 200 abused pit bulls. Since then, they have rehabilitated these pit bulls and have found loving homes for some of them.

“We still have 88 rescued pit bulls and we are working to find a permanent sponsor for them and get them adopted so they can live better lives after being abused.”

Aside from this, CARA is also working with volunteers to carry out their other programs like rescue and rehabilitation of street animals, adoption, educational programs, and events to raise awareness and funds for the animals and the clinic.

“CARA officers and volunteers are dedicated and motivated to help make the lives of animals better. We see their suffering and know in our hearts and minds that it is up to us to make a difference for them. We have the capability and the voice to do this.”

With compassion nurtured and made in the Philippines, Nancy and CARA are speaking for voiceless animals, teaching people about responsible pet ownership, and cultivating respect for all living things at the same time.

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