“I made ballet my medium to show Filipino talent to the world.”

“I made ballet my medium to show Filipino talent to the world.”



CANDICE ADEA , wearing bayo

A multi-awarded ballerina, Candice Adea has worked with international companies and has gone great lengths to show the world what Filipino talent can do. Having started ballet at 4 and still going 26 years later, Candice is expression, passion, and strength combined.

“I started ballet when I was 4. It was all because of my sister. Like the usual younger sister, I was gaya gaya sa ate.”

Proud of the fact that she’s purely trained in the country, she went on to show the world what the Pinoy dancer can do. She competed at the USA International Ballet Competition where she won silver. Together with her mentor Victor Ursabia, she eventually got the gold at the Helsinki IBC.

But dance isn’t as easy as it looks. Candice admits that every day is a challenge. With the physical demand of ballet as well as the emotional aspect of performing, she has her work cut out for her. Nevertheless, Candice remains as effervescent through it all.

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CANDICE ADEA  25 women

“My typical day would be, I wake up. I eat small [portions of] food like bread because I don’t want to be too full before class. I take a shower and then go to CCP for afternoon rehearsal which starts at 2 pm. We have a 1-2 hour break before evening rehearsal. Our day will end at 10 pm. And then all over again the next day.” Candice shares with a laugh.

What sets her apart from others in a world stage is that, like the typical Filipino, she is warm and sincere—which she admits helps her a lot when she performs.

“When we perform, we’re very warm. We show how much we love what we’re doing and we share that [warmth] to the audience.”

With artistry, grit, and warmth made in the Philippines, Candice is a homegrown talent that’s making the world her stage.

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