"I made FINO, a proudly Filipino made luxury line of leather goods products."

"I made FINO, a proudly Filipino made luxury line of leather goods products."



ROSE ANN BAUTISTA , wearing bayo

A self-confessed leather lover, Rose Ann Bautista and her partners created Fino to fill a gap in the market.

“Fino started as a hobby. Literally it was not yet Fino when we started dealing with leather. It was me and my husband trying to figure out things for our personal use.” Rose Ann shares. “In my case, I was trying to find some giveaways for my family business.”

Their first ever product was a leather-clad planner which they sold in bazaars. Eventually, they added card cases, check books, and pen cases. Fast forward to 25 years, and they now have a line for both men and women and are continuously evolving to serve a dynamic market.

ROSE ANN BAUTISTA  Bayo clothing

“We started doing brief cases mostly for a men’s line, an executive line. That’s exactly the peg that we had. We wanted to enter the market serving the yuppies. And it wasn’t until 5 years after, that we thought, ‘what about the women?’ Me, personally, I wanted to use one.”

With the yuppies from 25 years ago becoming parents and top executives, Fino evolved and presently carries an extensive line for work and play.

“Through the years, we dabbled in different styles, covering different demographics. Right now, the yuppies when we started are already the mothers or the grandmothers!” Rose Ann quipped.

With the Filipino artisan behind each specially-crafted Fino creation, Rose Ann is very proud of the quality of their products.

“Our artisans are valuable. And if there’s one thing, we try to keep the business intact and strong is to make sure that these people can continuously make use of their skills. As a Filipino brand, it’s our plight to make sure that we are received equally [as international brands].”

With each bag made in the Philippines, Fino is showing the globe that Filipino skill and ingenuity is world-class.

Watch out for the rest of these stories and join Bayo as we celebrate 25 years of culture, fashion and all things “Made in the Philippines.”

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