“I made sure that Filipinos would feel the love and thus form an emotional connection with Goldilocks and Domino’s Pizza.”

“I made sure that Filipinos would feel the love and thus form an emotional connection with Goldilocks and Domino’s Pizza.”

Pinky Yee

New Business Group Director of Goldilocks

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Having been with Goldilocks for 29 years, Pinky Yee is a well-regarded mainstay in the 51-year old company. Back in 1988, she was given the responsibility to open store number nine. Beyond expanding the physical reach of Goldilocks, however, Pinky wanted to deepen the emotional connection between Filipinos and the brand. With 540 stores worldwide at present, it appears that she had the right idea in mind.

“The big challenge was making sure the new generation of Filipinos is proud that Goldilocks is a homegrown brand that has been part of Pinoy everyday life since the 1960’s. Thankfully, we were able to establish this foundation very well,” Pinky shared.

In order to attain that goal, however, Pinky had to make difficult decisions along the way. In the late 2000s, Pinky decided to retire the blond girl in the Goldilocks logo. While the decision met some resistance initially, it ultimately served the purpose of upholding Goldilocks as a Filipino company here and abroad.

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“When a brand’s vision is to go global, it seems quite disconnected to have a blonde, blue-eyed caucasian girl as an icon, especially if it is going to be predominantly communicated as a Filipino company.”

With Goldilocks’ iconic status in the country, needless to say that Pinky has succeeded in her mission. If we were to ask anybody on the street about their favorite Goldilocks product, each would answer differently, possibly with a moving back story to boot.

Following that success, Pinky is now working to develop a new brand under the Goldilocks group—Domino’s Pizza.

“One of the strengths of our company is our manufacturing capabilities for bakery products. So the best way to maximize our strength in manufacturing and leverage on our core competencies in marketing is to bring in a foreign brand such as Domino’s Pizza. The brand is recognized for its technological innovations and growth in the QSR industry in the world.”

Hoping to strengthen Domino’s presence in the country as a global brand with local flavor, she aims to likewise establish it as a “glocal” company with a heart made in the Philippines. With Pinky’s expertise and Goldilocks’ heart behind the brand, no doubt that it will do just that.

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