A Mindful Way of Life

A Mindful Way of Life

In an age where sustainability is becoming less of an option and more of an advocacy, we are slowly growing more conscious of our everyday behavior and how it affects others. This is exactly what Kylie Misa, founder of WVN Home Textiles, wants to bring to the table. Her story embodies the mindset we all need to have as our daily decisions may affect not only our personal lives but also the communities around us.

“Mindful living is about living more intentionally”, says Kylie. It’s about understanding how we live can make a profound impact to the lives of others and to the environment. According to her, it’s about taking a good hard look in the mirror and asking yourself: what is your vision for the world?

Kylie’s vision comes in the form of her passion project-turned-business, WVN Home Textiles, a textile business that partners with local weaving communities in the town of Bangar in La Union. This is her way of contributing to a better world: “Sustainability is multi-faceted. It's about our impact on the environment that we live in, but it can also be about preserving culture and traditions.”

“I’m passionate about living more mindfully, especially in promoting local heritage craftsmanship and making more sustainable choices - be it in the things I purchase or the way I travel,” she explains. She hopes that their ongoing business and their dream of teaching the younger generation can contribute to the preservation of the practice and a better industry for the communities.

Sustainable fashion, for example, is one of her passions that she is eager to share with the people around her: “I encourage others to support locally made things. I try to help others understand that ‘made in the Philippines’ does not necessarily mean that the product is low quality and not durable. Sustainable living means being wise with your purchases: buying things that last longer."

Kylie’s drive for a mindful way of life stems from a thorough understanding of her values as a person. She encourages people to ask themselves: what are your values, and what is important to you? From there, the next step is sharing ideas with like-minded people who have similar dreams for a more positive and inclusive way of life.

Mindful living isn’t easy—change does not happen overnight. Kylie believes that the change in behavior must come with a change in values. “People need to understand that mindful living or sustainability is not just a trend but a way of life. By understanding themselves more, they can then understand the small things they can change in order to align their decisions with their values.”