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<p><strong>Bayo, Made in the Philippines </strong></p>

<p>From its humble beginnings as a made-to-order shop in Makati, <strong>Bayo</strong>&mdash;which means &ldquo;dress&rdquo; in Ilonggo&mdash;has grown to become one of the leaders in the Philippine Fashion industry with brand presence nationwide.</p>

<p>In its 25 years of serving the fashion industry, <strong>Bayo</strong> has been in the forefront of promoting the ingenuity of the Filipinos through its campaigns and collaborations that put our heritage at the forefront&mdash;proving that it&rsquo;s not just a business enterprise, but also a platform to preserve culture and traditions.</p>

<p>This 2017, the brand will celebrate this milestone by giving praise to 25 inspirational women who&mdash;like <strong>Bayo</strong>&mdash;take pride in being a Filipino and has gone great lengths to strengthen its identity on a global scale either by producing products that are proudly Philippine made or being involved in promoting worthwhile advocacies that help alleviate the lives of fellow Filipinos, especially the marginalized and underprivileged members of our society.</p>

<p>With &ldquo;<strong>Made in the Philippines</strong>&rdquo; as its tagline, this campaign is not about the clothes. Rather, this campaign is about showcasing the works of these 25 women and how it makes an impact, whether big or small. We shall watch in awe, as these women regale us with inspiring stories of their works and accomplishments that highlights the struggles and feat of someone who has made it in the Philippines.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Watch out for the first release of these stories and join <strong>Bayo</strong> as we celebrate 25 years of culture, fashion and all things &ldquo;Made in the Philippines.&rdquo;</p>